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Tyson Scott, DPM, Podiatrist

Corvallis Podiatrist, Tyson Scott, DPM Dr. Scott grew up in sunny Southern California as one of two boys in a sea of six sisters. At Brigham Young University, he fell in love with medicine (majoring in exercise physiology) as well as his future wife, Jen. After their marriage, the Scotts moved to Northern California so Dr. Scott could attend the California School of Podiatric Medicine before joining an intense three-year residency in Southern California at the Fountain Valley Regional Medical center, where he learned and worked with some of the best foot and ankle surgeons in Orange County.

His Oregon story began in 2011, after moving here to join a wonderful practice, which they would ultimately purchase after the previous physician retired.

"Having my toes hang off a surfboard while surfing, clipping my feet into snowboard bindings, squeezing into wakeboard booties, or my feet pushing off the asphalt to move my skateboard are all things that keep me active and happy," says Dr. Scott, who understands how our feet connect us to the world. "Think about the significance of a baby's first step, the man walking on the moon, running that race you have always dreamed of, or being the grandma you have always wanted to be, but have been limited by foot pain. No matter how small or huge the experiences our feet will have, it is not worth it to do it in pain. Live your life."

Now, after three kids (including one set of twins), Dr. Scott and Jen are firmly settled in Oregon and at Coastline Foot & Ankle, as well as performing procedures at BSM Surgery Center. Helping patients and hearing their stories - that's the best part of his job.

Procedures Performed at BSM Surgery Center:
Foot Surgeries, Podiatry

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