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1128 NE 2nd Street, Suite #104, Corvallis, OR


About BSM Surgery Center

BSM Surgery Center is an Ambulatory Surgery Center conveniently located in Corvallis, Oregon. Our state-of-the-art facility is where exceptional Physicians perform Orthopedic, Ophthalmology, and Neurosurgery procedures in a comfortable environment designed for efficiency, safety and privacy.

Along with our Doctors who perform a wide variety of procedures, we proudly provide a skilled, board-certified surgery team that is committed to compassionate patient care. In addition to their personable, respectful care, these dedicated healthcare professionals continually train to stay ahead of advancing surgical techniques and technologies.

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We invite you to swipe through photos of our facility. Additionally you will catch a glimpse of the kind Doctors and surgery staff who care for their patients and love what they do.

BSM Surgery Center Building in Corvallis, Oregon
Front Desk at BSM Surgery Center
Hallway of BSM Surgery Center
Operating Room 1 at BSM Surgery Center
Recovery Room at BSM Surgery Center
Smiling Surgery Assistants
Dr. Wobig on the phone at BSM Surgery Center
Smiling Surgeon at BSM Surgery Center in Corvallis
Nurse preparing a recovery room
Surgery Center materials in Corvallis
Hallway inside BSM Surgery Center, Corvallis
Sugical Procedure at BSM Surgery Center
Registered Nurse working inside Surgery Center
Smiling Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Wobig
Busy Ophthalmologist at BSM Surgery Center
Surgery Assistant in Corvallis, Oregon
Busy hallways inside BSM Surgery Center
Surgery Assistant preparing medical IV bag
Doctor preparing for surgery in Corvallis, Oregon
Surgery Assistant preparing recovery bed
Ophthalmologist monitoring surgery patient
Surgery Team preparing for a prodcedure in Corvallis
Busy medical staff at BSM Surgery Center
Surgery Assistant at BSM Surgery Center
Smiling surgery staff at BSM Surgery Center