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Surgery Instructions at BSM Surgery Center

Patient satisfaction is important to us and is a true measure of our success. The instructions below are provided to patients as general guidelines. Your physician may also provide instructions specific to the procedure being performed. If you have any questions, please contact the surgery center at 541-207-3334.


Before Your Surgery

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Your doctor has scheduled a date for your procedure. If there are concerns or questions, a registered nurse will contact you. A comprehensive pre-admission assessment will be conducted at this time. You will need to provide the nurse with a complete health history and a list of prescription and over the counter medications you take.

Pre-operative lab work and EKG may be ordered depending on your health history, age and medication list. Lab and EKG, if ordered, will need to be completed prior to your admission at the surgery center.

Notify your surgeon before coming to the center if you have any change in your physical condition (sore throat, cold, fever or wound near your surgical site).

Make arrangements in advance for a responsible adult to drive you home and remain with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. It is important that your ride is available when you are discharged. By law, you are not permitted to drive yourself home after receiving sedation. Failure to meet these guidelines could result in the cancellation of your procedure.


Day of Surgery

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Do not have anything to eat, including gum or mints, after midnight the night before your procedure.

Do not use tobacco products (smoke or chew) after midnight the night before your procedure.

Do not drink any liquids, including water, after midnight the night before your surgery. You may brush your teeth before coming to the surgery center (be careful not to swallow any water). Food or liquid consumption may cause your surgery to be cancelled.

Heart and blood pressure medications may be taken with a small sip of water before coming to the surgery center. Check with your physician or the registered nurse before taking any other medications.

Items you may bring with you on the day of surgery:
Insurance cards, photo ID and prescription cards
Glasses or contacts with a case for storage
Complete list of prescription and over the counter medications with dosages
List of allergies and sensitivities
Loose comfortable clothing to wear after surgery
Crutches, braces and polar care equipment if needed

Items to leave at home or with your driver:
Valuables of any kind
Purse, wallet
All jewelry (remove body piercings)


After Surgery

Dr. Wobig making a phone call

Your family member or caregiver needs to be available in the surgery center lobby to speak with the surgeon. Patients will speak with their surgeons at their first post-op visit.

It is normal to feel dizzy and/or a little sleepy after surgery. For this reason, do not drive, drink alcoholic beverages, operate machinery, sign legal documents or make important decisions for 24 hours after your surgery or while taking pain medication.

A registered nurse will call you the day following surgery to answer any additional post-op questions you may have.